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    About Our Company

    With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are a professional paving company that operates in the commercial, industrial and multi-family paving sector in the state of Texas.

    At Paving Solutions we are more than happy to help you with each and every one of your paving projects. Whether you want to bring some new life into an old road or build a new parking lot from scratch, we’ve got you covered.


    Our Professional Services


    Every project site we work on is first examined, measured and evaluated by an expert to provide you with the highest value for your project.


    To provide you with the highest value for your project we will measure the area, evaluate the site conditions and answer every question you have.

    Line Striping

    Striping is inherent to the existence of a parking lot. A parking lot without proper signaling and striping is not different from a simple space.

    Seal Coating

    A cracked and discolored parking lot, with weed growing on every joint and bumps every few feet will stay for too long on people’s minds.

    Quality is Unconditional

    When you start working with us you’ll quickly discover that we are the highest-value pavement maintenance company in Texas. By offering the most innovative methods we are able to yield the highest quality of work.

    To us there is no size distinction – Literally, there is no job that we onsidered too big or too small to put our best efforts into it.


    For your convenience we use the latest technology and state of the art equipment. This allows us to execute your project in shorter time frames.

    Ecological Standards

    We are committed to the environment. Paving Solutions integrate Best Environmental Practices and Sustainability Principles into our core business strategy.

    Ironclad Guarantee

    For your peace of mind, our crew and staff have decades of experience executing projects. We are committed to delivering results with minimum disruption.

    What Our Clients Say?



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